Ariana Grande Wigs

When you think of Ariana Grande, in addition to her sweet singing voice, you also think of her signature hairstyle - a flowing, sleek high ponytail. Whether she's performing on stage or appearing on the red carpet, Ariana's high ponytail always grabs the attention of the crowd. But in fact, the ponytail is not all her hair, but mixed with some weave and hair extensions to give her hair the desired length and volume.

Does Ariana Grande Wear A Wig?

Of course, Ariana Grande has tried many wigs in addition to hair extensions.

Ariana Grande Classic Wig And Ponytail Hairstyle

1. As the ponytail queen, Ariana knows how to switch up a simple ponytail for a classic look, ditching the standard swept-back style in favor of a serious center-parted style while keeping the rest sleek and stylish.

2. When playing Cat in 2009, Ariana had to bleach and dye her hair red every other week. The frequent hair dyeing caused her real hair to fall out. She wore a burgundy wig corresponding to the character she played.

3. When Ariana attended the Radio Disney Awards in 2013, she chose an elegant brown body wave paired with a floral headband;

4. At the 2015 American Music Awards, Ariana did not wear a ponytail but adopted fluffy and natural black deep waves, which was very eye-catching.

5. Ariana's curly hairstyle is rare, but the honey blonde curly hair wig is also a wig worth trying. The color is stunning and goes well with the sun and the beach. 

6. At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Ariana wore a high ponytail and chose a strong gradient color, a 613 color with dark roots.

7. In the album "Eternal Sunshine", Ariana appears in a purple top, pearl earrings, and long honey blond hair color, looking super ladylike.

8. Just when you thought the hairstyle had died out along with our other '90s favorites, Ariana fashions our favorite baby curls with face-framing bangs, blonde tips, and a super-thick ponytail.

9. Ariana Grande's delicate side-swept ponytail is very retro, and due to her thicker roots, to replicate this look, try using three or four loose wave bundles.