After Sale Service

          The employees of Julia hair mall have an obligation to enable customers to fully know and understand the product model, technical indicators, performance, use occasions, security matters during the quotation , to ensure that customers make the right choice before signing the contract. After buying the product, we will track the customer orders until the customer receives the goods, and so as the use process.

          All the products provided by Julia hair mall will be commissioned to the third-party professional logistics companies or Courier Company for delivery. Our top quality service will be embodied in the whole logistics process. If customers are dissatisfied with our service or delivery, they can contact with customer service or get assistance from engineer in the mall.At the same time, Julia hair mall will regularly test service process to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena.

         Julia hair mall and logistics partners will take the risk of product damage in the process of logistics services, as well as we will try to avoid such this phenomenon. After you receipted the goods, Julia hair mall strongly recommends that you should check the appearance, quantity, accessories and other aspects of the goods carefully. Julia hair mall will do its best to avoid this issues happen,which is related with logistic delivery.such as goods damage.Julia hair Mall will always focus on customer experience, properly handle service issues during use.

         Non-disposable product quality problems occur during goods quality guarantee period,which is made by the non-used improperly,Non-human factor damage, non-third party factors and so on.Julia hair mall will make a proper coordination timely when the mall receive the call or the written notice. .

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