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Best Transparent Lace Wig Remy Virgin Hair

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Transparent Lace Wig

There is a transparent lace wig in the market which get more and more concern. Best transparent lace wigs for sale in Julia hair mall. Transparent lace wigs have many kinds such as transparent lace front wig and transparent full lace wigs.

All the Swiss transparent lace wigs are transparent lace human hair wigs, they are also called undetectable transparent lace wig or hd transparent lace wigs. The lace color is transparent which suitable for any skin.

How to put on a transparent lace wig?

1. Wash and clean your own hair and braid it tightly; wear a lace cap which near to your skin color to protect your own hair.

2. Choose the wig you purchase, wear it on your head. Adjust the position gentle to fit your head, not too tight or too loose. No matter too tight or too loose, it will make your head uncomfortable or easily drop off from your head. Inside of the wig from Julia hair mall, there are 4 clips, you can use them fix it stable.

3. Trim the lace forehead carefully. Along with your hairline, cut the extra lace neatly. Then apply some liquid lace adhesive fix your transparent lace wig. Please make sure use a clean makeup brush to apply the adhesive in thin line along your entire hairline. After that, wait for some minutes till it dry. It is transparent lace, so it is easy to make it close to your skin by cosmetic makeup.

4. leave some baby hair. Baby hair can make your wig more natural like your own. Use your brush to make a hairstyle of your baby hair. Julia hair supplies transparent lace human hair wigs with baby hair, so you need trim the baby hair and fix it which reduce the process install a wig.

Shop transaprent lace wig new in Julia hair mall, inspire you own beauty by transparent lace human hair wig.

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