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High-Quality Short Bob Wigs Remy Hair

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Short bob wigs become more and more popular for African American women. It makes people look bright and energetic. According to the lace position, there are full lace short bob wigs and short bob lace front wigs. Also, there are short bob wigs that add hair color making the wig more vivid and colorful.

How many kinds of short bob wigs are in Julia hair mall?

People who wear human hair wigs like various hairstyles, most popular hair wigs are short curly bob wigs, and short straight bob wigs. Different people like different hairstyles, if you like other hairstyles, you can make any other styles you like because our hair is 100% human hair, without any processing and chemical. Not only perm the hair to different hairstyles, but you can also dye the hair to the color you like.

How to style a short wavy bob wig

If you are tired of other hairstyles, you can cut and curl your wigs to short bob wigs. Even if it is a real human hair weave, please curl it in the right way. Set your curl iron at low heat, dip the hair in hot water, or use pin clips to hold the curls in place. Repeat until the entire wig is rolled into the curlers. With little care, you can keep your wig in a curled hairstyle.

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